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Various Vegetables presents: STROMTRÆGER¹

Brought to you by Vetomat and Various Vegetables we proudly present our first edition of STROMTRÆGER. A regular event in which we stimulate the neural electronics between the auditory nerve and the brain with ambient and experimental sounds. In a cozy atmosphere you can either ground yourself after a long week or warm up the batteries before the weekly club marathon.

Saturday, May 12 | 20.00 Uhr at Vetomat | Wühlischstr. 42 | Berlin Friedrichshain

rui carries a soft-fragile guitar, a lightly distorted mic, sensible sound sculptures and a hard working looper that dance in a repetitive ritual to the rhythm of rare beats forming a sonic wake-coma landscape where time slows down and your own stories unfold.

FlussPluss is an Italian-born multi-instrumentalist. Whether on drums, string instruments or synthesizers, he always pays off with his very organic playing style, which is deeply rooted in the experimental and “krauty” sounds of the 70s. In his Ambient Setup he creates organic soundscapes with the help of strings, synths, loopers and various effects.

Visuals by Alice Murace

Vegetables in Marzahn!

Some of you may know it, some of you may not! Marzahn is this part of Berlin you most likely won’t go to when you come to visit Berlin. It lives and struggles with contrasts and cliches whether it’s the grey suburb ghetto or the green lung of Berlin. As half of the Vegcrew grew up there and one of us has his Studio there, you can say that we have a pretty deep connection to this place. That’s why Vertical67 and Octobird gonna bring their Synthis to Marzahn to join an Art  Festival called 8 Tage Marzahn.

So if you are in Town, go and cheick their Website for further detail and get yourself a Ticket to Marzahn!

Kyoto Berlin Exhibition with our friends from Widescope


1. – 3. April 2016

Malerei von chuuu und Eric Meßloh

Freitag, 1. 4. 2016, 15 Uhr (open End)
Music by Ken Mutant

Sa und So: 15 – 22 Uhr

Wohnatelier Welturlaub
Oudenarder Str. 27 (Erdgeschoss)
13347 Berlin

Kontakt: 0162/162 23 23

Eric Meßloh
seit 1995 künstlerisch in Berlin aktiv, 10 Jahre im Kunst-haus Tacheles, 2013 Gründung Wohnatelier Welturlaub im Wedding.

Girl who is in the non landscape on his portraits. He is now in Berlin to depict all of this through the picture of the girl, deconstructed during the period of growth.