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Various Vegetables Radio #53 | Bookworm Disco Deluxe

Come dance with us in the library! This time we open up the lost shelves of 70s Library Music with a very funky twist and a magic guest mix by Suga Bam! Tune in!!!


01. Brian Bennett – Voyage
02. Ganymed – It Takes Me Higher
03. Space – Magic Fly
04. Roger Webb – Flying Objects
05. Alex Cima – Cosmic Connection – Private Records
06. Claude Perraudin – Evasion
07. Alan Parker – That’s What Friends Are For
08. Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue
09. James Clarke – Angel


11. James Asher – Robottom
12. Alan Hawkshaw / Brian Bennett – Daytripper
13. Jean-Jacques Perrey – Gossipo Perpetuo
14. Klaus Weiss – Rhythm Function
15. Mort Garson – Swingin’ Spathiphyllums
16. Bruno Spoerri – Lilith – on the Way
17. Alessandro Alessandroni – Cielo Verde
18. Sandro Brugnolini – Adrie’s Dream
19. The Braen’s Machine – Fall Out
20. Lesiman (Paolo Renosto) – Terminale
21. Jean-Pierre Decerf – Like The Wind You Are
22. Piero Umiliani – Goodmorning Sun
23. Aniko Benko – Dampfnudeln

You can download SugaBam’s Library Set here! Or you can download the full show here!

Nachtzug “Unspoken” | Out Now On Vortex Records

Vegboy Vertical’s Label Vortex Records fifth release is out now, coming from the Berlin based duo Nachtzug with the Unspoken EP. You can grab the vinyl in several record shops now, further links and infos below.

Here is a video for the track ‘Unspoken 1’ by VJ Indigo:

You can find the record in following shops and possibly in a few more:
Bordello A Parigi | Clone | Juno | Redeye | | Decks |

Vegetables in Marzahn!

Some of you may know it, some of you may not! Marzahn is this part of Berlin you most likely won’t go to when you come to visit Berlin. It lives and struggles with contrasts and cliches whether it’s the grey suburb ghetto or the green lung of Berlin. As half of the Vegcrew grew up there and one of us has his Studio there, you can say that we have a pretty deep connection to this place. That’s why Vertical67 and Octobird gonna bring their Synthis to Marzahn to join an Art  Festival called 8 Tage Marzahn.

So if you are in Town, go and cheick their Website for further detail and get yourself a Ticket to Marzahn!

Synoid x Mechatronica @ Griessmühle

Fri, 9 Dec 2016 – Sat, 10 Dec 2016

Sounds like a pretty Techno driven Lineup from Mechatronica this time.

R_1: SYNOID: Weekend Circuit & friends [SA00/00 – SA22/00]

Psyk (non series, mote evolver)
Developer (modularz, weekend circuit)
NX1 (live) (nexe)
YYYY (weekend circuit)
Michael Wells (weekend circuit)
Parallx (modul, urbanum)
Acierate (synoid, griessmühle)
Tham (synoid, griessmühle)

R_2: MECHATRONICA [FR22/00 – SA10/00]

Drvg Cvltvre (live) (new york haunted, viewlexx, shipwrec)
Privacy (lobster theremin, klakson, klasse wrecks)
Andrew Red Hand (detroit techno militia, m>o>s)
Synkronized (live) (dubfusion)
ElectroDon (mechatronica)
Mejle (mechatronica)

Premiere: Screening Crazy Language – Audio/Visual Release #210


Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:30
Entrance 5-10 euro (up to your offer)

…with our Vegboys Vertical&Zeck participating

Screening a/v release (compilation with 32 a/v tracks) by Crazy Language
2016 marks both the 10th anniversary and the 50th release for Crazy Language. The cl-050 a/v release, a project between CL and LASAL who did all visualizations with the software vvvv, is also a turning point to more audio-visual concentrated releases in the future.

Coordinated from Berlin, the netlabel Crazy Language was founded by AXIOM and HURON in 2006. Ever since Crazy Language has been serving as filter and platform for artistic self-realisation. The label offers all experimental genres an outlet, for example Electronica, Glitch, Abstract, Ambient and Breaks. The label releases audio and video with Creative Commons License (BY-NC-ND) only!

Vortex Traks Vol.02

The fantastic Vortex Traks 12inch Series from Vegboy Vertical67 goes on!


Vortex Traks Vol. 02 is out featuring Kan3da, Morphology, Mr Velcro Fastener and The Guide Girls.

Available here or at your local record dealer:

Bordello A Parigi:


Vertical67 @ Krake Festival

Our chief inspector Vertical67 is playing tomorrow at Krake Festival here in Berlin. So if you feel kinda overwhelmed by the heavy, bass driven IDM Beats from within Suicide Circus come outside in the Garden and dance the Veggi-Dance with us. There are also some good names popping up for saturday at Griesmühle. We’re looking forward to listen to Ceephax Acid Crew, The Exaltics, Max Durante and some more.

Friday LineUp:

Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot, digital hardcore)
Samuel Kerridge (contort)
Codex Empire (aufnahme + wiedergabe) – live
Fallbeil (hafenschlamm, contort yourself) – live
Kuno & Space Invasion (terminal operations)
:: visuals:
The29Nov Films

::::::: open air floor
Cursor Miner (lo recordings, don’t) – live
Vertical67 (acroplane, vortex) – live
DJ Glow (trust)
Words (futurism)
Mejle (mechatronica)


Saturday LineUp:

Ceephax Acid Crew (rephlex, waltzer) – live
Kyoka (raster-noton) – live
Ansome (mord) – live
The Exaltics (solar one music, bunker) – live
Dez Williams (shipwrec, killekill) – live
Syl Kougaï (hymen records, schematic) – live
Anna Bolena (idroscalo dischi) – live
Mogano (arboretum) – live/dj hybrid
Bunai Carus (mindwaves) – live
+ more

::::::: djs:
Bas Mooy (mord)
Max Durante (sonic groove)
Alienata (killekill, kat channel)
Jasss (mannequin)
Reka (tresor)
Paál & Ezuri (Voitax)
Hops (hardwax)
Sebastian Kökow (the29nov films)
Unhuman & Sirio Gry J (Monolith, liber null) – b2b (dj set)
Lars Hemmerling (lada, fullpanda, dock)
No Frills (werk)
Pat Flanders (mindwaves)
& more

::::::: 12 hour synth jam – modular and more feat.
Andi Teichmann (noland, Gebrüder Teichmann)
Olaf Giesbrecht (Transistors Of Mercy, audiowerkstatt)
Back To The Lab (magic power)
Niki Neecke (electroNiki’s universum, useful_updates)
J. Manuel (werk)
+ more

::::::: art performances & installations
Soundpanzer feat. Infinite Livez – performance by Nik Nowak
Lunchmeat – light installation
Maria Psycho – body performance
+ more


Carnivàl Monstruoso !!! The Polymonsters, Puppe’n Mucke and DJ Mashyno live at Antje Øklesund

The Polymonsters are back!

Travelling through human’s world The Polymonsters met the glorious MYTH MONSTER who took the mic. And now they are ready to hit the stage again! For their first show The Polymonsters have a big ball and celebrate a “Carnivàl Monstruoso” together with Puppe’n Mucke, a international-berlin-based puppet band. Let there be monsters & puppets!

Humans joining the creatures starting on this new trip through universe by dressing up as monsters or puppets get a reduced entrance fee! RRROOAARR!!

“Carnivàl Monstruoso” @ Antje Øklesund
Rigaer Straße 71–73, 10247 Berlin

Live: The Polymonsters & Puppe’n Mucke

DJ: Mashyno (House, Techno)

Doors: 22:00

Entrance Fees:
6 Euro – Humans
3 Euro – Fellow Monsters & Puppets

About The Polymonsters:
The Polymonsters are a theatrical electro disco punk band from Berlin, Germany. Since 2010 they combine various styles and personalities to some monster’s sounds. Just four weeks after The Polymonsters met for the first time, they went on stage at the King Kong Club, Berlin, and thereby won the Euro Trash Vision Contest. From there on they had monster times at Kantine Berghain, Badehaus Szimpla, SchwuZ and many more.
voice: MYTH MONSTER (Fabian Schwinger, Hund am Strand)
guitar: DOKTOR MONSTER (Marco Bianciardi, The Somnambulist)
bass: YERR MONSTER (Martina Dünkelmann, Jeff Özdemir & Friends, Dimensionen)
beats: various (DOKTOR MONSTER, Kopfhoerermusik, Raving Mad Carlos)

About Puppe’n Mucke:
Puppe’n Mucke is a Berlin-based band and art project, founded in 2013 by musician RAVINGMADCARLOS and visual artist Shoxxx.
They play trashy electro rock wearing huge hand-made original puppet costumes designed and manufactured by SHOXXX.
They mix electro beats and sounds with diverse instruments such as melodica, bongo, keyboards, bass and guitar, featuring guest singers and artists.
The result is a very funny-to-watch-performance of crazy characters playing original enjoyable music.