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Vegetables in Marzahn!

Some of you may know it, some of you may not! Marzahn is this part of Berlin you most likely won’t go to when you come to visit Berlin. It lives and struggles with contrasts and cliches whether it’s the grey suburb ghetto or the green lung of Berlin. As half of the Vegcrew grew up there and one of us has his Studio there, you can say that we have a pretty deep connection to this place. That’s why Vertical67 and Octobird gonna bring their Synthis to Marzahn to join an Art  Festival called 8 Tage Marzahn.

So if you are in Town, go and cheick their Website for further detail and get yourself a Ticket to Marzahn!

Kinskop: Drawcab Album Release

It took a while but now it's here: Vegboy Kinskop's first Album Release under this Moniker. With a bunch of Tracks that reach back until 2011.

Released on Vegboy Vodor L Zeck's Tape Label Zanderhythm you can actually choose if you wanna grab the Tape or just download that thing at your own price. (Someone clever once said: "Zero is the lonliest number.")

VV Radio Repost: Veggies at a Festival

The Vegcrew took a lot of effort during the first half of this year to participate at a festival. And we remember so many beautiful things: Concerts, Jams good Food and Drinks from our good friends from Shoxxxboxxx and Vetomat…but unfortunately we forgot the name of the festival.

Featured Musicians are:

Captain Spacesex on Guitar
Dominic on Drums, Strings and Electronics and more
Faboulus Fabi on the Vocals
Imari on Drums, Electronics and more
Octobird on Electronics
Shou Shoxxx on the Harmonia
Vodor L. Zeck on Keys and Knobs

… and a lot of people who jumped in and out the Sessions.