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Vegcrew @ Transcyberian Party Berlin

Next stop Berlin: Die TransCyberian Party aus Paris startet auf der c-base!

Die TransCyberian-Reihe ist ein Hybridformat, in dem Club-, Queer- und Nerdkultur zusammenkommen.

Nach aktivistischen Workshops zu Überwachung und Datenschutz stehen experimentelle elektronische Musik-Performances und DJ-Sets auf dem Programm. In der CryptoLounge beantwortet die CryptoParty-Community den ganzen Abend über individuelle Fragen zu Privacy und Datensparsamkeit.

Unsere Veranstaltungen sind offen für alle! LGBTQI+ Menschen sind herzlich willkommen. Der Eintritt ist kostenlos, wenn Ihr Euch aber eine Spende leisten könnt, sind wir dankbar für jeden Betrag.

Alle Einnahmen dieser ersten Transcyberian Party gehen an den Chelsea Manning Appeal Fund der Courage Foundation.


We are very proud to bring the Transcyberian parties from Paris to Berlin!

Transcyberian is a series of club, noise, queer and nerd friendly events featuring futuristic, crypto and activism workshops and experimental electronic performance and DJs. Transcyberian is a hybrid concept inspired by CryptoParty. Our events are LGBTQI+-friendly. As we want everyone to be welcome, there is no entrance fee at our events – however if you can afford a donation, it would be much appreciated.

For our first event we decided to donate all the money we will collect to the Chelsea Manning legal fund operated by the Courage Foundation.


6pm – 11pm : Workshops
Adam Harvey – Facial recognition
Leif Ryge – The pocket litter exchange
CryptoParty Berlin – CryptoLounge
more tba

11pm : Live performance
WIDE SCOPE COLLECTIVE – Experimental Silence Performance

Midnight – open end: Party
Various Vegetables DJs:
DJ Octobird

Location: c-base Spacestation, Rungestraße 20 – 10179 Berlin

Eintritt frei / Free entrance
Wir sammeln Spenden für den Chelsea Manning Appeal Fund der Courage Foundation.
We’ll collect donations for the Chelsea Manning appeal fund run by Courage Foundation.

Note: This is a privacy-related event. We made this page as it was requested by several participants and because our goal is to reach more people than only those who are privacy-aware.
We do not expect or recommend you to RSVP on this platform as we do not stand for the way facebook deals with your data.

Synoid x Mechatronica @ Griessmühle

Fri, 9 Dec 2016 – Sat, 10 Dec 2016

Sounds like a pretty Techno driven Lineup from Mechatronica this time.

R_1: SYNOID: Weekend Circuit & friends [SA00/00 – SA22/00]

Psyk (non series, mote evolver)
Developer (modularz, weekend circuit)
NX1 (live) (nexe)
YYYY (weekend circuit)
Michael Wells (weekend circuit)
Parallx (modul, urbanum)
Acierate (synoid, griessmühle)
Tham (synoid, griessmühle)

R_2: MECHATRONICA [FR22/00 – SA10/00]

Drvg Cvltvre (live) (new york haunted, viewlexx, shipwrec)
Privacy (lobster theremin, klakson, klasse wrecks)
Andrew Red Hand (detroit techno militia, m>o>s)
Synkronized (live) (dubfusion)
ElectroDon (mechatronica)
Mejle (mechatronica)

Premiere: Screening Crazy Language – Audio/Visual Release #210


Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:30
Entrance 5-10 euro (up to your offer)

…with our Vegboys Vertical&Zeck participating

Screening a/v release (compilation with 32 a/v tracks) by Crazy Language
2016 marks both the 10th anniversary and the 50th release for Crazy Language. The cl-050 a/v release, a project between CL and LASAL who did all visualizations with the software vvvv, is also a turning point to more audio-visual concentrated releases in the future.

Coordinated from Berlin, the netlabel Crazy Language was founded by AXIOM and HURON in 2006. Ever since Crazy Language has been serving as filter and platform for artistic self-realisation. The label offers all experimental genres an outlet, for example Electronica, Glitch, Abstract, Ambient and Breaks. The label releases audio and video with Creative Commons License (BY-NC-ND) only!

VV Radio Repost: Veggies at a Festival

The Vegcrew took a lot of effort during the first half of this year to participate at a festival. And we remember so many beautiful things: Concerts, Jams good Food and Drinks from our good friends from Shoxxxboxxx and Vetomat…but unfortunately we forgot the name of the festival.

Featured Musicians are:

Captain Spacesex on Guitar
Dominic on Drums, Strings and Electronics and more
Faboulus Fabi on the Vocals
Imari on Drums, Electronics and more
Octobird on Electronics
Shou Shoxxx on the Harmonia
Vodor L. Zeck on Keys and Knobs

… and a lot of people who jumped in and out the Sessions.