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Patrick Vian | Bruits Et Temps Analogues

When I first became aware of Patrick Vian's album
Bruits Et Temps Analogues by it's release on Staubgold Records, I was not aware that this was a 1976 reissue because
Vian's expeditions to the soundscapes of jazz, fusion, electronica are s
o timeless and cross-genre.

In each of his titles, he builds up picturesque arrangements with the help of analog synthesizers, field recordings, percussion and all sorts of exotic instruments which never quite engage in classical song or instrumental structures, but always wavering towards an unique idea. Here and there it gets quite funky and you wait for the drums to go on the one, but Vian refuses the easy way, creating unique timeless sound paintings.

So, if you haven't been travelling in a while, that's the perfect Album to do so.

Rotten Vegetable Recommendations: Brian Bennett – Voyage (1978)

You can find him on numeruos compilations for Library and Soundtrack Music. May it be the huge KPM Music Library or the “Further Nuggets” compiled by Luke Vibert. Brian Bennett is one of the most charming composers of electronic kitsch from the mid 70’s.

In April this year his most funky album “Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk)” got rereleased on the Australian Label “Isle Of Jura”. So chances are good tto grab a fair priced copy right now.