The Evolution of the Groove


April 29th / 6pm (UK time)

Don’t miss todays Various Vegetables Radioshow on!!! This time we go back in time to follow the trace of the Evolution of the Groove. From classic Breakbeats to Drum&Bass & Breakcore. 2000 is the Future Music!!!

Wermonster: Katalyst Sessions Vol.1

The Katalyst Sessions define the Uncomfortable Beats vision for Hip-Hop instrumentalism on a global level, and presents an artist whose production exemplifies the future beats movement.

Between 2010-2013, Wermonster embarked on an exploration into experimental beats in his Berlin studio, and Katalyst Sessions Vol.1 is a result of the choicest cuts. Each of the 28 tracks and skits on this fast-paced journey are short and hit solidly on point with no redundancy.

Wermonster manages to successfully traverse the fragile line of staying true to classic 90’s boom-bap, whilst generating questions and providing answers as to what the future holds for Hip-Hop instrumentalism.

Katalyst Sessions Vol.1 is available now on limited Cassette tape, and most online digital stores..

Various Vegetables Radio Repost

The Veglords offer up a delicious Amber126 DJ Set which was originally served at their Acid Bureaucracy Party. Their show host Vertical67 holds some very fresh vinyl in is hands filled with ingredients he created himself. Namely his latest release on his very own label Vortex Traks.

4 Years Mechatronika + Record Release


With a Lineup from your most lucid Acid Dreams!!!

→ 4 Years Mechatronica + Record Release

__Rude 66 (live) (Viewlexx, Bunker, Djax-up, Créme Organization /NL)
__Luke Eargoggle (live) (Stilleben, Mechatronica, Bunker, Börft /SE)
__Privacy (Lobster Theremin, Klasse Wrecks, Valcrond Video /AU)
__Dmitry Distant (live) (Bass Agenda, In the Dark Again /RU)
__Acid Washed (Record Makers, Battery Park Studio /FR)
__Rutherford (live) (Brokntoys, Stilleben, KONDI /SE)
__Spy DJ (Electroclub, Elegant Distortion /ES)
__Gatto Fritto (Electric Minds, Dissident /UK)
__Bastus (Our Hobby Is Different /DE)
__Saint-Maurice (Enfant Terrible , Ordo Viatorum/NL)
__Wahid Paradies (Squatdeluxe /NL)
__Killian Krings (Sign Bit Zero /DE)
__ElectroDon (Mechatronica /IT)
__Mejle (Mechatronica /DK)

→ 4 Years Mechatronica + Record Release AfterHour
ab 10 Uhr

Vertical67 – Crystalline EP

Vortex Traks 2nd release is out now:
Vertical67 – Crystalline EP (VTX002)


Available here or at your local record dealer:
Bordello A Parigi: /// Clone: /// Juno: /// Decks: /// /// Redeye:


Kyoto Berlin Exhibition with our friends from Widescope


1. – 3. April 2016

Malerei von chuuu und Eric Meßloh

Freitag, 1. 4. 2016, 15 Uhr (open End)
Music by Ken Mutant

Sa und So: 15 – 22 Uhr

Wohnatelier Welturlaub
Oudenarder Str. 27 (Erdgeschoss)
13347 Berlin

Kontakt: 0162/162 23 23

Eric Meßloh
seit 1995 künstlerisch in Berlin aktiv, 10 Jahre im Kunst-haus Tacheles, 2013 Gründung Wohnatelier Welturlaub im Wedding.

Girl who is in the non landscape on his portraits. He is now in Berlin to depict all of this through the picture of the girl, deconstructed during the period of growth.

Various Vegetables Radio / 04.03.2016

Various Vegetables provide some fresh T-Woc steak featuring his new release “Jetstar II”. They do a little “Unscene Music” special with true school hip-hop music by Naive Ted, Mikey Fingers, Flying Buttresses, DJ Spooky and more. They’ve also fresh material from Moniker Eggplant.