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VVedding with Automatic Tasty & Electrodon

After a little hiatus on the party front we will be back at Brunnen70 on the 18th of October, with our good friend Automatic Tasty making his return to VV and Mechatronica‘s very own ElectroDon as guests.


Automatic Tasty

Bleepy, glossy, glitch Acid House! Automatic Tasty is guarantee for a funky Joyride!



Acid bubbly bassline,analogic connession..ElectroDon is an italian Dj living in Berlin and resident at Mechatronica.
His career started at the end of the 90s and after he moved to Berlin he started his new project with Trippy H, Mechatronica mixing Acid, Electro and Techno.




7pm Berlin Time // 6pm UK time

Another Various Vegetables radioshow will be aired today. Our 15th Vegradio is a journey through contemporary experimental music to early pioneers alongside readings and excerpts from Charles Bukowski, Brian Eno, Timothy Leary, Frank Zappa, Jefferson Airplane and more.

We’ll be exploring the work of musicians who utilised new recording techniques to expand boundaries and cross borders, musical and non-musical, in times when counter-culture was permeating every aspect of culture, the birth of the modern synthesiser. The influence it had in the 60’s and on contemporary musicians and a mesh of experimental classical music through the medium of the rock band.