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VVedding with Automatic Tasty & Electrodon

Various Vegetables – The Live Musical Experience returns to the stage once again to Brunnen70 this Saturday at the Polar Floor at Royal Wedding Festival, a true electronic espousal of ceremonial conjugation. VegLords are joined by Ireland’s hardware acidic hero Automatic Tasty and Berlin’s ElectroDon courtesy of Mechatronica. Automatic Tasty has been cranking out live hardware acid jams since before you were even born and we’re excited for him to come back to Berlin to play for us again where he’ll warm up the memory cards and melt the Polar Floor and we can all get emotional to his pads one more time. A top-chap whose tunes are always on heavy rotation at the VegPalast, so let’s welcome him back in top VegStyle. The aristocratic matrimony is further enhanced by ElectroDon from Berlin’s outstanding Mechatronica collective who have been pumping out majestic club nights recently with their Mechatronica & Cheap Acid series. Expect Illustrious 303s and imperial 808s from his stately selection of tunes. As always, our guests are joined by the inimitable VegLords Eutechnik, Vodor L. Zeck, Kinskop and Vertical67 ensuring the noble wedlock remains majestically regal.


Automatic Tasty

Bleepy, glossy, glitch Acid House! Automatic Tasty is guarantee for a funky Joyride!



Acid bubbly bassline,analogic connession..ElectroDon is an italian Dj living in Berlin and resident at Mechatronica.
His career started at the end of the 90s and after he moved to Berlin he started his new project with Trippy H, Mechatronica mixing Acid, Electro and Techno.





Dylan Bakker’s debut release launches at one of our regular haunts, Loophole, with support from Eutechnik, VJ Chuuu, live dance, A/V performances and moooooore. Go along for a mind-blowing session of multimedia improvisation and a chance to support your local noise artists

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Tune in, come along, hear you later.


Today 7pm Berlin Time // 6pm UK time on Future Music.FM

October is a month of new releases for VegLords & VegFriends, and we’re pleased to announce that the next edition of VegRadio will include an interview with Berlin musician and multi-talented creator Dylan Bakker who brings some exclusive previews of his forthcoming debut album Atrophic Cascades. Host Eutechnik is joined by Dylan in VegStudio #1 to discuss the sounds and creation process and some unintentional influences ahead of the record launch. The show will also include new releases from Vertical67 on 100% Silk, Zanderhythm, Cignol, Flying Lotus and we shall experience the extreme acid redux with the help of Kinskop’s flaccid redux. Tune in at 7pm Berlin time on Future Music FM.