Various Vegetables Radio #48 | Uneasy Listening |

Put away your tea and tune on your tuner for the Various Vegetables Radio Wunder!!! This Time: Lot’s of Uneasy Listening, Intelligent Elevator Music or whatever you wanna call it…


Space Art – Hollywood Flanger
The Gentle People – Journey
The Irresistible Force – Playing Around with Sound
Add N To (X) – Plug Me In
P.P. Roy – Like, Wow!
Depth Charge – Shy
Jake Slazenger – Get Up R
Hexstatic – Salvador
Air Liquide – Wie Sagt Man Auf Deutsch?
Binder – Auto
Global Goon – You Set My Face On Fire
Nobukazu Takemura – Bright Time to Come
Sun Electric – Lomat
Binder – Mimikry
Marumari – Indigo Florist
Plaid – Anything
Mouse On Mars – Tux&Damask
Ultramarine – Surfacing
Orbital – Belfast
Cosmo Vitelli – Nazi surfers must die
Jimi Tenor – Year Of Apocalypse
Air Liquide – First Transmission From Mir


You can also download the show here!

Various Vegetables Radio #47 | 22 Guitar Solos from outer Space |

Join our space ship for two hours of spaced out guitar solos from other galaxys. We present you sounds from Planet Sweden, Planet Portugal…even Planet Japan.


Sternenmädchen – Tim bleibt bei uns
Mythos – Aeronaut
Ablution – Equator
Akasha – Death Hymn
CAN – Millionenspiel
And The Lefthanded – Rocket Rock
Suuns – Sweet Nothing
The Oscillation – Future Echo
The 63 Crayons – Save Us
The Soundcarriers – Rise and Fall
Fenster – Mental Blues
Meridian Brothers – Idilio
Fumaça Preta – Tire Sua Máscara
Super Numeri – The Chart
Mr. Chop – Zoid
Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart – 2amoutu I7tirakan
In Zaire – Moon
Zombie Zombie – Jay Rules
Goat – Hide From The Sun
Kikagaku Moyo – Smoke and Mirrors
Ivo’s Group – That Shocking Shaking Day
King Crimson – Sailor’s Tale
Ton Steine Scherben – Der Traum ist aus


You can also download the show here

Various Vegetables Radio #46 | Acid New Year |

First show of 2017 we present some rough 90’s Acid Classics, a handfull of Brokentoys and a brain full of broken beats.


Harry Forbes – Tomorrow’s Achievements
Goudron – Stiletto [Viewlexx]
Mat-101 – Danni Morali e Fisici
Electronome – Playmobile Invisible [Clone]
Rude 66 – Acid Trip Soft [Creme Organization]
Jammin’ Unit – MM Is Coming
Dr. Walker And Wulfmanson – Karpfen
Tesox – So What You Want Me To Do
Adam X – Tunnel Visions
Andrei Morant – The Break
Third Electric – Uh-Uh (Electrocord Remix)
Gacha Bakradze – Mississipi [Delsin Records]
Carl Finlow – Anomaly
Komarken Electronics – Early Mornings [Brokntoys]
Dan White – Digital Detox [Brokntoys]
Vertical67 – Distortion [Brokntoys]
UMWELT – Company Of Lies
RWD – Asphyxiation
Vodor L Zeck – Regenpflanze [Crazy Language]

Various Vegetables Radio #45

As all Vegetables are kinda busy in different Galaxys we’re kinda put our Studios on Remote Control. Our voices may still sound human but trust us: it’s all generated for your taste.

Synoid x Mechatronica @ Griessmühle

Fri, 9 Dec 2016 – Sat, 10 Dec 2016

Sounds like a pretty Techno driven Lineup from Mechatronica this time.

R_1: SYNOID: Weekend Circuit & friends [SA00/00 – SA22/00]

Psyk (non series, mote evolver)
Developer (modularz, weekend circuit)
NX1 (live) (nexe)
YYYY (weekend circuit)
Michael Wells (weekend circuit)
Parallx (modul, urbanum)
Acierate (synoid, griessmühle)
Tham (synoid, griessmühle)

R_2: MECHATRONICA [FR22/00 – SA10/00]

Drvg Cvltvre (live) (new york haunted, viewlexx, shipwrec)
Privacy (lobster theremin, klakson, klasse wrecks)
Andrew Red Hand (detroit techno militia, m>o>s)
Synkronized (live) (dubfusion)
ElectroDon (mechatronica)
Mejle (mechatronica)

Various Vegetables Radio #43

The VegLords present a bunch of brand new homegrown. Including a new Album from Kinskop, a new Vortex Traks EP from Verticals Label and a whole bunch of ambient tracks presented by Vodor L Zeck.